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Our company was established in 1948 by Necati BAGBEK as Bagbek Mould. In 1961 it was the first sole mould manufacturing company to produce with a Deckel pantograph machine, which made it's name as a trademark.

In 1980, Cenap, Cüneyt and Metin BAGBEK took over management as the second generation.

In 1989, by adding the production of sole production to their mould production, they established The BAGBEK Mould and Sole Industry Trade Limited Company.

In 1996, they strengthened their name in the sector as the first in the sole mould companies, to produce with the CNC machining centre and CAD/CAM.

In 1999, by creating the POLAT TABAN brand, they have taken place in the internal and external market under the name Polat Taban Industry and External Trade Limited Company.

In 2003, they completed all the work needed for the production of polyurethane sole, and in the last quarter of 2003 has started producing polyurethane soles.

Since the establishment of our company, our understanding is, unchangeable high standard production, which aims to keep customer satisfaction on the forefront.

POLAT TABAN is in Lineapelle Milano

Polat Taban will present their new products between 20-22 Feb 2019 at Lineapelle fair Hall 24 M11-M13
POLAT TABAN is a BAGBEK establishment.
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